Mito Releases New Replacement Toner Cartridges for HP Printers

Mito releases third generation of MTPT-HE116A/ W2060/1/2/3A(North America/Latin America)MTPT-HE117A/W2070/1/2/3A(EU/Russia/CIS/Middle East/Africa/EMEA);MTPT-HE118A /W2080/1/2/3A(China) and MTPT-HE119A / W2090/1/2/3A(Asia except China). Mito can offer more safe, sustainable, efficient and cost-effective toner cartridges for clients.

Mito IP team has devoted itself on patent innovation and process optimization for first two generations, so that the third generation patented products can offer more IP-safe and stable printing performance. With improved core component structures for the doctor blade and developing roller, the new toner cartridges is able to print smooth images in vivid colors and avoid toners blocking, an issue happened to this particular type for a long time. The new releases come up with a higher transfer rate as we continue to use Dinglong chemical toner formulas.


Over the past 19 years, Mito has actively built a strong intellectual property system relying on Dinglong group. Design, develop and successfully register a number of independent patents for compatible printing consumables in domestic market and oversea markets, Mito can offer IP safe products and reliable IP solution for clients, to make sure a long-term and safe cooperation with Mito’s partners.Leveraging Dinglong’s solid intellectual property system, Mito has grown its innovation capability and its core competitiveness with continuously increasing patent applications.


In the future, Mito will continuously expand our R&D capabilities, provide high-quality consumable solutions for our global customers.  

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